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Civic League Annual Meeting 2009

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Spevak: Offer on the Table to BCC  (Video)

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Spevak Announces RP Offer on BCC Land;

Rosenberg Pledges Assistance with State Funding

May 21, 2009

10:30 p.m.

Some 200 Roland Parkers and other area residents packed into the auditorium of the Roland Park Elementary/Middle School (RPEMS) for the 2009 annual meeting of the Roland Park Civic League. In attendance were also numerous local elected representatives, such as: state Senator Lisa A. Gladden and her indefatigable mother, Jessie; city Councilwoman Rochelle “Rikki” Spector; state Delegate Nathaniel T. Oaks; state Delegate Jill P. Carter; city Councilwoman Sharon Green Middleton; city Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke; and state Delegate Samuel I. “Sandy” Rosenberg.

There were no challenges to the Nominating Committee's slate of proposed Civic League officers for 2009, so the slate as previously published on this web site’s community bulletin board stands. The official list is here. Phil Spevak was elected to a second term as president after a hectic and most accomplished first term. The only departure from the outgoing line up was Mike DiPietro, who had to step down as secretary because of term limits. His place is now taken by former Plat 1 Rep Kate Culotta, whose slot as rep has in turn been taken by Peter Kannam, the only entirely new member of the board (all others being returning or reshuffled members).

After reports from RP Community Foundation President Ken Rice and Roads & Maintenance Treasurer John Kevin, Dr. Spevak gave the league’s report. He announced the upcoming “Roland Park Week,” during which various local restaurants and businesses will devote a percentage of sales for the week of June 1-8 to the RP firehouse fund, a cause that has by now reached almost a quarter of a million dollars in local area, city and state contributions. (The firehouse is the oldest continually operating firehouse in Baltimore. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation on line, you may do so here.) An informational flier about Roland Park Week is here.

Dr. Spevak also implored residents to get involved in community affairs. A neighborhood known as much for its vibrancy as its beauty, RP is sustained only through the active involvement of its residents, he said. A volunteer-activities postcard was passed around, and Spevak asked meeting attendees to check off activities they’d be interested in helping out with. (The postcard is reproduced here; it may be mailed to the Roland Park office at 5115B Roland Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21210.)

Dr. Spevak then got to his eagerly anticipated report on the would-be acquisition of the Baltimore Country Club land. He said that he had recently had a very productive meeting with BCC President John Daue and that he had presented an offer letter from the Roland Park Community Foundation to the Baltimore Country Club to purchase the 17.2-acre tract that the BCC had attempted to sell for development in 2008. Spevak added that the RP effort continues to grow stronger and, as an example, noted that Plat 2 resident Jack Dwyer is now helping in the community’s effort to secure the land for community access. (Mr. Dwyer is a mortgage banking firm owner.) Spevak said he and Mr. Daue had agreed to a process going forward of continued meetings between community and club officials to work toward achievement of their respective goals. Spevak’s BCC report is here.

There followed a talk by keynote speaker Andrés A. Alonso, CEO of the Baltimore City public school system. He gave a talk lavish with praise for the RP public school, and emphasized the educational importance of parental involvement and good school physical plant. In response to a question from Plat 1 resident Claudia Diamond, Alonso said that he did not intend to break RPEMS into two separately run schools — an elementary school and a middle school — housed in one building.

After Dr. Alonso’s question-and-answer session, Phil Spevak asked two of the elected officials present to say a word or two. Councilwoman Middleton, who worked exceedingly hard with RP on the BCC issue, spoke of the importance of her partnership with the neighborhood. For his part, Delegate Rosenberg pledged, as he did in 2008, to do whatever he could on behalf of the 40th and 41st legislative district delegations to secure state funds to assist in RP’s purchase of the BCC land. Delegate Rosenberg’s presentation is here.

After some convivial post-adjournment chat with the elected officials, the meeting ended at about 9:30 p.m.


D.P. Munro

Web-site Editor




The opinions expressed in the above writing are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or stated policy positions of the Roland Park civic organizations.


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