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Proposed Coffee Shop and Café at Wyndhurst Station,

Lawndale Road

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Wyndhurst Station

(view from Wyndhurst and Lawndale;

photo: Kittredge Properties)

Note: The documents below are listed in order of their being received by the web-site editor, and not necessarily in order of their date of authorship or issuing. Please scroll up and down until you find the document you are looking for.


Wyndhurst Station's current owner is Kittredge Properties, whose web site is here:



Ma and Pa Stations

Evergreen Station (Then)

Homeland Station (Now)



Once the Notre Dame Station on the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad's Baltimore-to-York line (see train map at left),* with the closing of the "Ma and Pa" in 1958 the Wyndhurst Station mini-development came to be used for commercial purposes. Situated at Wyndhurst Avenue and Lawndale Road, the building currently houses a number of boutique-style stores and, until recently, two realtors' offices.

In 1976, the then-owner, Hercules Investment Company, entered into an agreement with the associations of the three neighborhoods adjacent to the property: the Wyndhurst Improvement Association, the Blythewood Association and the Roland Park Civic League. (The property is actually in Embla Park, which falls within the area of the Wyndhurst Improvement Association.) The purpose of the agreement was to limit the owner's permitted usage of the property, so as preclude the increasing "to an unreasonable degree [of] noises, odors, traffic congestion, litter, and other offensive or noxious conditions which will in any way detrimentally affect the quality of life in the surrounding residentially-zoned neighborhoods." The agreement further stated that it would "not be used or leased for occupancy by a food store, restaurant, delicatessen or similar use."

Wyndhurst Station, 318 Wyndhurst Avenue, has changed hands twice since then, having most recently been bought by Towson-based Kittredge Properties in November 2007. Kittredge wishes to locate a café and gourmet coffee shop in the development, in the 1,088-square-foot unit formerly occupied by Executive Sweet, an upscale candy store and gift shop. Kittredge is seeking an amendment to the 1976 agreement with the associations so as to permit the café. The block, like four others in and around Roland Park, is zoned for B-1-1. (For further information, Baltimore's zoning code is here.)

* The city boundary shown on the map is Baltimore's pre-1918 boundary which, to the north, extended not quite to Cold Spring Lane. (The as then proposed 1918 boundary is shown as a dotted line.) The Evergreen train stop shown on the map was a coal depot where the current 200 W. Cold Spring sits (the former Bank of America building). The Homeland stop shown is now a private residence on Lake Avenue, between Roland Avenue and Charles Street.

D.P. Munro
Web-site Editor

May 3, 2009

The opinions expressed in the above writing and throughout this web page are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or stated policy positions of the Roland Park civic associations.



Original Restrictive Agreement, 1976

The original 1976 agreement between the Hercules Investment Company and the three neighborhood associations — the Wyndhurst Improvement Association, the Blythewood Association and the Roland Park Civic League — is linked at left. Click on the PDF icon to be taken to the document itself.

— dpm, 5/3/09


Proposed Agreement Amendment , 2009

Kittredge Properties' proposed amendment to the 1976 agreement is to the left (click icon). The bulk of the agreement would remain in effect, except that the currently restrictive clause 6, the "subject
premises will not be used or leased for occupancy by a food store, restaurant, delicatessen or
similar use," is altered by having added onto its end the following: "other than the gourmet coffee shop and café to be located at 5002 D-E Lawndale Avenue," with the latter subject to various conditions described in detail in the amendment document.

— dpm, 5/3/09



Kittredge Properties' Letter to Roland Park Residents, 2009

On April 30, 2009, Kittredge Principal Michael Weinfeld wrote to Roland Park residents, in care of the Civic League. That letter is reproduced at left (click icon). In the letter, Mr. Weinfeld states that no zoning change is required from the property's present B-1-1 (neighborhood-oriented retail) status, and that his company will be mindful about noise, trash collection, traffic and so forth. (These matters are addressed within the proposed amendment to the 1976 agreement.) Mr. Weinfeld concludes by saying that he hopeful that the café will become become "a meaningful neighborhood gathering place."

— dpm, 5/3/09


Revision to Proposed Agreement Amendment , 2009

Kittredge on May 4, 2009 submitted a revised version of its proposed agreement amendment. This version adds after the conditions clauses the following: "“Non-compliance with any of the above-noted conditions by the owner and operator of the gourmet coffee shop and café shall constitute an Event of Default in accordance with its Lease Agreement and shall make it subject to the associated rights and remedies provided in its Lease Agreement and by law." The revised document is at left.

— dpm, 5/4/09


Second Revision to Proposed Agreement Amendment , 2009

Having discussed the matter with the would-be operators of the coffee shop in question, on May 5 Kittredge submitted a second revision to its proposed amendment of the 1976 restrictive agreement with the three local neighborhood associations. This version would permit longer opening hours on Sundays, modifying the closing time from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. (The Monday through Saturday closing time would remain unchanged at 8:00pm.) The new version of the amendment is at left.

— dpm, 5/5/09


Michael J. Weinfeld

(photo courtesy of

Kittredge Properties)


Consignment Shop Temporarily in Location of Would-be Coffee Shop

On the advice of a neighbor this past weekend, I took a peek at the old Executive Sweet site in Wyndhurst Station and, just as the neighbor had indicated, there stood a consignment shop where I had half-expected to see a coffee shop. The consignment shop is called Re Deux, and it is not to be confused with Little Lamb children's consignment shop also to be found at Wyndhurst Station. Knowing the coffee-shop proposal to have run into some neighborhood opposition, I wrote property owner Michael J. Weinfeld to see if the café idea had been dropped. He wrote back promptly and what he said may be of interest to locals on both sides of the debate:

"Thanks so much for your continued interest in the coffee shop at Wyndhurst Station. Despite significant support, we have hit some 'bumps in the road' due to some pockets of strong opposition. In the meantime, we were approached by Re Deux, for a short term-lease of the space for a 'trunk' show. This works out well for us as it buys us some additional time to try to work through the opposition. We expect to have a final answer within the month and it is my intent to write a follow-up letter to the neighborhood residents, noting the outcome, to be posted on your web site. — Michael J. Weinfeld."

— dpm, 6/9/09


Coffee Shop Idea Evaporates

After failing to win what it considered to be the necessary neighborhood consnsus over the proposed upscale coffee shop for Wyndhurst Station, property manager Kittredge Properies abandoned the idea, at least for the time being, on June 19. A letter from Kittredge's Michael Weinfeld to Roland Park residents is linked at left (click to enlarge) (6/19).


Other Kittredge Projects

Kittredge is not a large property-management company. However, one of its previous projects is similar in many ways to what Kittredge is trying to accomplish at Wyndhurst Station. Ruxton Station, 7623-7627 Bellona Avenue, was bought and remodeled by Kittredge in 2008. A 1950s-era hardware store, Kittredge has been careful to maintain Ruxton Station's old-fashioned charm, though, it should be added, Ruxton Station has no café or restaurant. A pair of "before" and "after" shots is shown below, showing the building's appearance before and after Kittredge's remodeling. A Kittredge web page about the project may be found here: http://www.KittredgeProperties.com/Portfolio/Ruxton-Station.

— dpm, 5/3/09



Ruxton Station, Before                                   Ruxton Station, After

(Click photos for larger images.)