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Wyndhurst Station Coffee Shop and Café Media Hits


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On this page, you will find links to various media "hits" about the proposed establishemnt of a coffee shop at Wyndhurst Station, the former "Ma & Pa" railroad station at Wyndhurst Avenue and Lawndale Road. This includes published "letters to the editor" sent to local newspapers.

Media Hits

The coffee shop's loss is Re Deux's gain, writes the Messenger's Larry Perl of the consignment shop that has taken the place of the nixed café at Wyndhurst Station. The full story is here (6/17).

The proposed Wyndhurst Station café and coffee shop has been at least temporarily derailed by community opposition, primarily in Wyndhurst (Tuxedo and Embla parks) and Blythewood, says Larry Perl in the June 17 Baltimore Messenger. Read Perl's article here (6/18).

The Messenger's Larry Perl reports that Kittredge Properties' plan to open a coffeee shop and café at Wyndhurst Station is causing divisions among Wyndhurst Improvement Association members. WIA is one of the three local associations that must agree to the project before it can move forward. The story is here (5/21).

Kittredge Properties, which would like to install a gourmet café at Wyndhurst Station, says, "If there is opposition from the neighborhoods, we will not proceed," according to Larry Perl, writing in the May 13 Baltimore Messenger. The would-be café is currently blocked by a still standing 1976 covenant-like agreement between the then owner of the building and the three area associations (Roland Park, Wyndhurst and Blythewood). The article is here (5/13).