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Marianist Building Development Media Hits


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Marianist Media Hits


On this page, you will find links to various media "hits" on the subject of the proposed development of the Marianist building and the Roland Park reaction to it. This includes published "letters to the editor" sent to local newspapers.

Media Hits

  • The Baltimore Messenger's Adam Bednar reports on developer Frank M. Harvey's plan to build a facility for Alzheimer's patients instead of the townhouses he had originally planned for the Marianist site, 4301 Roland Avenue. The article is here (11/18).
  • RP resident Kathy Hudson opines in the November 25 Messenger that the Marianist-site development would push the neighborhood down an already very developed road. Whatever the end result at the site, says Hudson, the product must be "architecturally compatible with the neighborhood." The op-ed is here (11/25).
  • The Baltimore Messenger's Adam Bednar reports, Feb. 11, on the RP Civic League's Feb. 5 hosting of the development team of the would-be memory-care facility planned for 4301 Roland Ave. The development team presented various elements of the plan to an audience of about 50 area residents. The team was politely received, but the community made it clear that it was concerned about (a) the fiscal feasibility of the project and (b) its proposed footprint on the 1.6-acre lot. (The intended two-story building would have a larger footprint than the current three-story Marianist building.) Bednar's article is here (2/14).
  • Also writing Feb. 11 in the Messenger, Kathy Hudson considers that the proposed, smallish assisted-living facility intended for 4301 Roland Ave. would not be a bad usage, but that appropriate architecture and green-space preservation are vital. She also notes that the not dissimilar 1927 Academy of the Visitation building, further up Roland Ave., was preserved, not razed, and reused as condos. Read Hudson here (2/14).
  • The Messenger's Adam Bednar reports, April 8, that the Roland Park Civic League appears supportive of developer Frank M. Harvey's plans to demolish 4301 Roland Avenue, the old Marianist center, bullt in 1926. However, he continues, a number of community residents are upset, fearing noise and disruption, and also hoping for the preservation of the historic building. The story is here (4/9).