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Roland Park Area Master Plan, 2009-2010








Roland Park has been the subject of extensive planning since its earliest days. It is in good measure to this that we owe the neighborhood's still largely pristine character. The image shows a period artist's conceptual painting of the then proposed Plat 6 development called Edgevale Park, bounded by Engelwood, Edgevale and Falls. Click to enlarge. (Source: George B. Simmons. 1912. A Book of Pictures in Roland Park, Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore, Md.: George B. Simmons.)

Note: The documents below are listed in reverse order of their being received by the web-site editor. In other words, the newer the item, the further up the page it will be.


Renderings from the plan

Artist's rendering of a beautified commercial "Eddie's block."


Wyndhurst Station as envisioned under the plan.



Eddie's block — Design: Roma Campanille, Stuart Ortel, Steve Ziger; rendering, Lee Driskill.

Wybdhurst Statiobn — Design: Amy Bonitz, Steve Ziger, Joel Fidler, Matthew Fitzsimmons, Ann Powell; rendering, Joel Fidler.

Renderings may not be reproduced.






Master Plan Under Review by City, Under Review by Neighbors Too

The Greater Roland Park Area Master Plan is currently under review by the relevant agencies of the City of Baltimore. The Master Plan Steering Committee will respond to comments by the agencies and then the plan will be presented to the Planning Commission.

For those who wish to read the current plan draft, links are provided below for each chapter. Illustrations and figures are not included in the chapter text but many of the figures are included in the document, “May 19 Presentation,” which is a copy of the presentation presented to the community last month. (See the entry below this one.)

Implementation planning is underway and more information will soon follow. The draft report as submitted to the city may be read section by section by clicking the links below.

— Phil Spevak

Master Plan Coordinator

June 6, 2010

• Cover Page — Click here.

• Table of Contents — Click here.

• Vision Statement — Click here.

• Acronyms — Click here.

• Implementation Summary — Click here.

• Implementation Summary Table — Click here.

• Chapter 01: Open Space — Click here.

• Chapter 02: Transportation — Click here.

• Chapter 03: Housing — Click here.

• Chapter 04: Commercial — Click here.

• Chapter 05: Infrastructure — Click here.

• Chapter 06: Livability — Click here.

• Chapter 07: Streetscape — Click here.

• Chapter 08: Zoning  — Click here.


Renderings from the plan

The Roland Water Tower as invisioned with a park around its base.

S'ghetti Eddie's at Cold Spring and Schenley after proposed beautification.


Water tower — Design: Suzanne Frasier, Matthew Fitzsimmons, Jean Mellot; rendering, Lee Driskill.

Cold Spring — Design: Joel Fidler, Steve Ziger, Amy Bonitz, Ann Powell; rendering, Joel Fidler.

Renderings may not be reproduced.


Master Plan Presentation Released at May 19 Civic League Annual Meeting

At its May 2010 annual general meeting, the Roland Park Civic League released the Greater Roland Park Master Plan (working draft for city review). An electronic version of the plan is not currently available, but a comprehensive presentation about it is. To review the presentation, click on the cover image below.


Click presentation cover for full presentation.

 — Doug Munro

Web-site Editor

May 20, 2010

The opinions expressed in the above writing are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or stated policy positions of the Roland Park civic associations.


This map shows the approximate boundaries of the areas to be included in the master plan, though these are flexible as not all aspects of the plan pertain to all areas shown here. (Click icon to enlarge.)


Master Plan Vision

"To preserve the foundational concepts upon which Roland Park was established, which include maintaining a predominantly residential character, preserving the area's natural landscape and architectural beauty, ensuring accessibility to neighborhood amenities and open spaces, and cultivating the spirit of neighborliness, in a manner that adapts to and anticipates 21st century lifestyles and community aspirations.

"There is a strong desire to encourage activities that promote a healthy quality of life and environmental stewardship, to foster strong civic engagement regarding community resources and decision-making, to support commercial endeavors that respect and complement residential areas, to attract diverse and intergenerational residents and to collaborate with surrounding communities and the City of Baltimore."




Save these Dates for the Community Charrettes

When: Saturday, November 21, 9:30 a.m. to noon.

Where: Roland Park Elementary/Middle School, 5207 Roland Avenue.
Why: To gather information and identify areas of concern.


When: Friday, January 8, 7 to 9 p.m., and Saturday, January 9th, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: Roland Park Elementary/Middle School.
Why: To refine strategies for addressing areas under study.


When: Thursday, April 8, 7 to 9 p.m.

Where: Roland Park Elementary/Middle School.
Why: To review progress with the community.


When: Wednesday, May 19, 7 to 9 p.m.

Where: Roland Park Elementary/Middle School.
Why: This is when the final plan will be displayed. This will be during the annual meeting of the Roland Park          Civic League.


Useful Master Plan-related Links

Below are some links related to urban planning sent in by RolandPark.org readers. If you have other useful links you would like to see posted here, please e-mail the editor at rpcommunications@rolandpark.org.



Baltimore City Department of Planning

demographic profiles of most of Greater Roland Park's constituent neighborhoods



                                  Cross         Ever-          Hoes      Keswick       Roland      Wynd-

                                  Keys          green        Heights                         Park        hurst

Link to the master-plan collaborative "livability map." Residents can help create this map of significant places that contribute to livability by suggesting sites, adding images and comments.
TransForm Baltimore, Baltimore Zoning Code: Preliminary Annotated Outline, May 2009.
Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance demographic profile for Greater Roland Park/Poplar Hill, 2007.
Roland Park Resident Sidney Brower's 1993 report on the state of Roland Park.

Web site of the Project for Public Spaces.
Washington Post, "An Urban Retrofit Done Right," Roger Lewis, July 25, 2009.
Kojo Nnamdi Show, "Shaping the City with Roger Lewis," October 22, 2009.

Land Use Prof Blog, "Scary Parking," November 1, 2009.

Letter to RP



Letter to neighboring communities.

(Click icons.)


The RP Master Plan: What Is It and Why Now?

Planning is nothing new in Roland Park. The neighborhood was planned in exquisite detail when first developed between the 1890s and 1920s. As we near the end of the first decade of the 21st Century, the time is ripe to contemplate a new all-encompassing, area-wide plan.

For a start, the city itself completed a master plan in 2006 called Live Earn Play Learn. Likewise, the Baltimore City zoning code is being revamped for the first time since the 1970s. And of course the 2008-2009 matter of the would-be development of the Baltimore Country Club's land kindled local residents' interest, in an unprecedented manner, in the long-term character of our neighborhood. Finally, the city's sustainability initiative and its Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge (BNEC) have spawned an RP affiliate, the Roland Park Civic League Sustainability Initiative.

The planning process will solicit area residents' views on zoning and land use, historical preservation, and resource sustainability. The idea is to turn these views into a comprehensive plan that in turn can be used to inform city zoning regulations for this area.

The effort is not restricted to Roland Park proper. Other area neighborhoods — Evergreen, Tuxedo, Keswick, etc. — are encouraged to participate. We're all in this together. At left are PDFs of (a) the Roland Park civic organizations' letter to Roland Park residents and (b) RP Civic League's President Phil Spevak's letter to the community leaders of the areas adjacent to Roland Park. The exact boundaries of the area to be covered by the master plan have not yet been determined. Indeed, one of the reasons for soliciting the opinions of the neighboring areas is to find out if they wish to be included or not.

A series of neighborhood "charrettes" or community forums will be held over the fall, winter and spring, 2009-2010. Their dates are posted at the top of this page. Your input is vital. See you there.

 — Doug Munro

Web-site Editor

November 15, 2009

The opinions expressed in the above writing are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views or stated policy positions of the Roland Park civic associations.