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Roland Park Area Master Plan Media Hits


On this page, you will find links to various media "hits" on the subject of the 2009-2010 Roland park area master plan and residents' reactions to it. This includes published "letters to the editor" sent to local newspapers.

Media Hits

  • "While the city government prepares for comprehensive rezoning for the first time in three decades, Roland Park made drafting a master plan a top priority," writes Larry Perl in the May 25 Baltimore Messenger. And now the plan is complete and will be presented to the city for review. Click here to read Perl's account of the unveiling of the RP area master plan at the Roland Park Civic League May 19 annual meeting (5/29/10).
  • If the master plan were implemented, says the Baltimore Messenger's Larry Perl, April 13, the "gateways to Roland Park would look more like town centers." Perl's detailed report on the third master-plan charrette is here (4/18/10).
  • "Master plans are not undertaken by community organizations," notes Kathy Hudson, but "with the expert and volunteer help of many professionals living in the area and the involvement of residents, institutions and businesses, the Roland Park Civic League is on target to have a master plan finished by late May." Hudson's write up on the master-plan process is in the April 6, 2010 Baltimore Messenger and can be read here (4/18/10).
  • "Roland Park's master plan discussions have already yielded one idea of note: a traffic circle at Roland Avenue and Cold Spring Lane," says the Baltimore Messenger's Larry Perl, Jan. 13. (Click here.) Perl continues, however, that master plan Transportation Committee chair Matthew Fitzsimmons concedes that traffic circles are "foreign to many Americans" (1/19/10).
  • What, first with defending the Roland Park fire station before municipal leaders on Jan. 7, and then with undertaking a two-day planning charrette bonanza Jan. 8-9, Roland Park had a busy time last week, reports Kathy Hudson in the Jan. 10 Baltimore Messenger. "With a well-delineated plan," says Hudson, "the [RP] historic area will be poised to continue its tradition of foresighted community planning." Hudson's piece is here (1/12/10).
  • The Roland Park area master plan made it to no. 2 on the Dec. 22 Baltimore Messenger list of top 10 stories of 2009. "In November," says Larry Perl, "the community undertook its most far-reaching project yet — to draft a master plan for Roland Park in conjunction with Baltimore City's comprehensive rezoning efforts." Read Perl's story here (12/29/09).
  • Kathy Hudson in the Dec. 2 Baltimore Messenger points out that the Roland Park area master plan charrette competed remarkably effectively against other family-favorite events that Saturday: the St. David's church holiday bazaar and the Friends School Hollyfest. Here article is here (12/3/09).
  • Says Baltimore Messenger Editor Larry Perl, Nov. 24, the first RP area master plan community forum raised "more questions than it answer[ed], but that was the point." While a number of topics were discussed, says Perl, green space and historic preservation appeared particularly high on the agenda. It's here (11/24/09).
  • "Saturday’s first charette about the Roland Park area master plan was a great way to go into Thanksgiving week," says Kathy Hudson in the Nov. 23 Baltimore Messenger. It demonstrated "a strong sense of community, where public debate is welcomed." Read Hudson here (11/24/09).
  • The Messenger's Larry Perl reports, Nov. 11, that the Roland Park master plan is gearing up and that it will be completed with the backing of the city government. "Hoping to gain more control over traffic and development, the neighborhood hopes to create its own city-backed master plan," says Perl. Read the whole story here (11/15/09).