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Roland Park Area Master Plan: Charrette Summary and Metablog Page


























Steering Committee (e-mail committee here)

     Seema Iyer, Al Copp, Amy Bonitz, Ken Rice, David Tufaro and Phil Spevak

Looking to volunteer for one or more committees?

Get in touch with each committee by hitting the pertinent e-mail link.


Transportation Subcommittee (e-mail)

     Matthew Fitzsimmons and Chris McSherry


Commercial/Retail Subcommittee (e-mail)

     Ken Rice, Amy Bonitz, Jennifer Vey and Ann Powell


Infrastructure Subcommittee (e-mail)

     Ian Macfarlane, Addison Palmer and Bill Sharpe


Green/Open/Recreational Space Subcommittee (e-mail)

     Jackie Carrera, Lynn Heller, Jean Mellot and Louise Phipps Senft


Roland Water Tower Workgroup (e-mail)

     Suzanne Frasier


Housing Subcommittee (e-mail)

David Blumberg and Sidney Brower


Historical Preservation Workgroup (e-mail)

     Donald Kann, Michael Braverman and Jesse Halvorsen


Residential Design Standards Workgroup (e-mail)

     Tom Liebel


Livability Subcommittee (e-mail)

     Janet Felsten


Education Workgroup (e-mail)

     Tom Hoen


Intergenerational Matters Workgroup (e-mail)

     Susan Newhouse

Welcome to the Roland Park 2009-2010 Master Plan


Metablog Page.

The metablog page contains links to nine forums, one for each of the issue areas discussed at the first master plan charrette, November 21, 2009, plus an additional forum for youth issues (which was not specifically covered at the charrette). The forums are as follow below. Additionally, to the right is a table showing the committees, subcommittees or workgroups handling the issues in question. Initially, the committee structure corresponded exactly to the forum structure. The charrette itself revealed a certain overlap among some of the charrette breakout-group topics. As such, the organizers collapsed certain topics or made previously freestanding topics into subtopics of other issues. The committee table reflects the current situation (Dec. 21, 2009), while the forum list retains the structure from the first charrette. This is so as not to confuse attendees about which charrette breakout groups they went to. Readers may still post by subject, rather than committee. For example, if you are interested in historic preservation, you should still post to that forum, even though the corresponding subcommittee has has been folded into the Housing Subcommittee. For posting instructions, go here.

Commercial & Retail Forum Link.         

          Charrette 1 summary (PDF).

          Charrette 2 summary (PDF).

Future Development Areas Forum Link.

          Charrette 1 summary (PDF).

          Committee now merged with Commercial & Retail.

Historic Preservation & Architectural Stds. Forum Link.

          Charrette 1 summary (PDF).

          Committee now merged with Housing.

Housing Forum Link.

          Charrette 1 summary (PDF).

          Charrette 2 summary (PDF).

Infrastructure Forum Link.

          Charrette 1 summary (PDF).

          Charrette 2 summary (PDF).

               Charrette 2 supplemental file (PDF).

Livability Forum Link.

          Charrette 1 summary (PDF).

          Charrette 2 summary (PDF).

Open & Recreational Space Forum Link.

          Charrette 1 summary (PDF).

          Charrette 2 summary (PDF).

Transportation Forum Link.

          Charrette 1 summary (PDF).

          Charrette 2 summary (PDF).

Youth Forum Link (does not correspond to any charrette discussion).

          Has no charrette summary.


Posting Instructions.

Click the name of the forum to be taken to the blog page for that discussion group. Once there, follow the instructions on comment posting. For those interested in visiting a number of forums often, they are all grouped on their own web page, here: http://RPMasterPlan.groupsite.com/ discussion/forums. You may wish to visit that page and bookmark it.

Sign up for a Groupsite account, Groupsite.com being the hosting service for these forums. There is a tab for this at the top of the page. The account is free. Once your account is established, you can go to the "my settings" tab to create your preferences. For example, you can have one or more of the forums send you an automatic e-mail every time someone posts a new comment. You can have the threads displayed in chronological order (oldest first) or reverse chronological order (which most people prefer). There are all sorts of options.

I suggest you begin at each forum with the "start here: charrette summary" thread, which will take you to a posting of the summary generated by volunteers on each charrette topic (direct PDF links are above, on this page, too). You can leave your thoughts on the summaries by hitting the "post reply" button at the end.

This done, for matters that are related but which are not directly covered in the charrette summary, you can start a new thread by hitting the "create new topic" button. Make sure to give your thread a pertinent heading.

You can e-mail people that have posted to the forums but hitting their authorship byline, which will link you in each case to the poster's "member profile" page. Once there, hit the "send private message" link, which will enable you to e-mail him or her, though you will not be able to see his or her e-mail address, nor he yours.

If you have any questions about the technical aspects of the forums, e-mail me at rpcommunication@rolandpark.org. E-mail links for subject-matter contact people for each of the forums will be posted on this page in the near future.

— D.P. Munro

Web-site Editor


27 Nov. 2009

(Rev. 21 Dec. 2009)

(Rev. 14 Feb. 2010)