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Roland Park Area Forum and Discussion Group


This page is your gateway to the Roland Park area on-line forum/discussion group. There are two subforums accessible, an "announcements" page and a "general discussions" page.

• Announcements — This page should be used by area residents with time-specific news to get out, such as an impending yard sale or a need for a summer nanny, etc. Commercial posting is prohibited, other than by RolandPark.org paid advertisers.

• General Discussions — Use this page for anything and everything that might be of interest to the neighborhood policywise. Got an opinion of the city's TransForm Baltimore zoning code rewrite? Post it here. Think another café in the neighborhood would be nice? Say so here.

Posting is free, though the editor reserves the right to delete without notice entries that violate the no-commerce rule or which are illegal or distasteful in the sole opinion of the editor. Posting to the forum does not preclude an event's inclusion on the community calendar or community bulletin board.

Before submission, you must read the forum rules. Go straight to the posting instructions by clicking here.


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Forum Portal: Take me to the portal to the two subforums.

Announcements: Take me directly to "announcements."

General Discussions: Take me directly to "general discussions."



Forum rules: The Roland Park area on-line forum/discussion group is for the free posting of residents' announcements and policy discussions of interest to the general Roland Park area. The actual posting to the forum is done by the posting parties themselves. The web-site editor will not edit entries in any manner. Posting parties are solely responsible for their posted content. RolandPark.org will undertake no artwork, will write no copy, and will not be responsible for any errors contained in the forum postings, such errors being the sole responsibility of the posting parties. Commercial advertising is prohibited other than by RolandPark.org paid advertisers. The posting of an item to the forum in no manner implies approval of the activity or activities described therein by the Roland Park civic organizations.


Posting Instructions: Click the name of the forum to be taken to that discussion group. Once there, follow the instructions on comment posting.

Sign up for a Groupsite account, Groupsite.com being the hosting service for these forums. There is a tab for this at the top of the page. The account is free. Once your account is established, you can go to the "my settings" tab to create your preferences. For example, you can have one or more of the forums send you an automatic e-mail every time someone posts a new comment. You can have the threads displayed in chronological order (oldest first) or reverse chronological order (which most people prefer). There are all sorts of options.

You can read existing threads by clicking on the green thread headers. To reply to or comment on a thread, hit the "reply to topic" link at the bottom of each thread.

You can start a new thread by hitting the "create new topic" button on the start page. Make sure to give your thread a pertinent heading. Without this, no one will read it.

You can e-mail people that have posted to the forums but hitting their authorship byline, which will link you in each case to the poster's "member profile" page. Once there, hit the "send private message" link, which will enable you to e-mail him or her, though you will not be able to see his or her e-mail address, nor he yours.

If you have any questions about the technical aspects of the forums, e-mail rpcommunication@rolandpark.org.