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Roland Park Health

In October 2008, the Baltimore City Health Department released reports on all of Baltimore's many neighborhoods, including "Greater Roland Park/Poplar Hill" (which from the map on the cover appears to be composed of Roland Park, Keswick, Evergreen, Tuxedo Park (but not Embla Park), Poplar Hill and North Roland Park).

The Roland Park report makes fascinating reading, and demonstrates that Roland Parkers (as defined above) are fortunate enough to be, one average, significantly healthier than the average Baltimore resident. The report does not speculate as to why this is.

In good measure, however, it is no doubt because of the neighborhood's comparative wealth and education:

• Median household income: $64,571 (Roland Park) vs. $30,078 (city overall).

• Education at high-school level only: 5% (Roland Park) vs. 29% (city overall).*

However, in part it is no doubt because of the bucolic setting in which we are fortunate enough to reside. Our marvelous tree canopy keeps us cooler in summer and less polluted year round. Our curvilinear streets impede vehicular traffic and the lack of institutional uses within our boundaries provides no destination for heavy traffic.

* Excludes high-school dropouts, which minimizes the discrepancy. Including this statistic would drive the city figure considerably higher while having little impact on the Roland Park figure.


Roland Park Health Report


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