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On this page, you will find links to various media "hits" about Roland Park Place's plan to expend its parking lot by over either a house or a former church on Roland Avenue or both. This includes published "letters to the editor" sent to local newspapers.

Media Hits

  • In the Feb. 19, 2010 edition of the on-line Baltimore Brew newsletter, Fern Shen reports on the current Roland Park Place versus Rolden Improvement Association brouhaha. Apparently, says Shen, there is a story making the rounds that the Roland Park Civic League has put Rolden up to this. In fact, this active little neighborhood association has very much taken the lead throughout, though the league is on record as supporting Rolden. Read Shen here (2/25/10).
  • In a Dec. 24, 2009 story, the Baltimore Sun reported on Johns Hopkins' plans to buy the 11.4-acre Zurich Insurance property on 40th Street, immediately east of the Rotunda. The story is worth following because of its potential impact on the Roland Park Place parking saga. The Sun article is here (12/25/09).
  • The Baltimore Messenger on Nov. 11 reports that the Rolden Community Association has rejected Roland Park Place's plan to put 42 parking spaces on two RPP-owned properties on the 4000 block Roland Avenue. "The Roland Park Civic League doesn't seem too receptive to the plan, either," writes Messenger editor Larry Perl. The full story is here (11/11/09).
  • Larry Perl in the July 15 Messenger reports on Roland Park Place's revised parking-lot expansion plan. This calls for the demolition of the 1889 church at 4001 Roland Avenue, but the preservation of the house at 4021 Roland. This is the reverse of last March's plan. The Perl story is here (7/20/09).
  • May 28's Baltimore Messenger carried an article on the revival of the "Rolden" Association, the neighborhood association for the 4000-4100 block of Roland Ave. The association is opposing Roland Park Place's plans to demolish a house it owns on Roland Ave., next to a nursery school, to make way for a parking lot. RPP is reconsidering its options in the face of local opposition to the plan. Here is the article (5/28/09).