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Proposed Changes for new restaurant at Roland Park Shopping Center










Roland Park Shopping Center

4800 Roland Avenue


RPCL letter to CHAP and related documents

Landscaping Plan


We learned from the owner, Tricia Ward, and the tenant, Foreman Wolfe, that serious structural deficiencies were encountered during their renovation of the space for the new restaurant at the Roland Park Shopping Center. The owner and tenant are proposing to dismantle the existing wood frame deli building and to reconstruct as per the plans previously submitted and approved by the Commission (CHAP). Since the Shopping Center is recognized as an historic landmark, any exterior changes
require CHAP approval. In addition, covenants signed by the owner with the Civic
League, obligate the owner to receive Civic League approval for exterior changes as

The Civic League Land Use Committee together with the leadership of the Roads and Maintenance Architectural Review Committee have completed a review of the proposed change by making two site visits and by examining all relevant engineering and construction documents. Residents have been notified by electronic communication of the proposed changes and project documents were posted on the community web site (www.rolandpark.org) allowing residents the opportunity to post comments over the past 7 days. These comments were considered by the Civic League in its review. After careful consideration, the Civic League supports the proposed exterior changes.

The Civic League appreciates the cooperation of Ms. Parker–Abromitis (representing
the tenant), Ms. Tricia Ward and the entire CHAP team for working closely with the Civic
League. - posted 3/30/2011.

Engineer Reports and CHAP Applications

Architectural Drawings

Photos of current conditions



On February 28, 2012 the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) notified the Civic League of serious structural concerns to the “deli structure” at the north end of the Roland Park Shopping Center. The structural deficiencies, encountered during construction of the proposed new restaurant owned by the same owners as Petit Louis, are sufficiently serious that construction cannot proceed until they are remedied.

Allison Parker, Vice President for Development and Communication for the tenant, Foreman Wolfe, and Vincent Green, the project architect, have now provided engineering reports from February 3, 2012 and from July 21, 2011. The 2012 study concluded “…that in order to properly support the new construction of the renovated ‘Deli’ building, the existing ‘foundations’ must be removed so that proper, conventional spread footings can be installed.”

After discovering additional significant deterioration of the frame structure and extensive termite damage, the tenant and the owners, Tricia and James Ward, are proposing “…to dismantle the existing wood frame deli building on the north end and reconstruct as per the plans previously submitted.” While still needing final confirmation, it is the understanding of the Civic League that the owner and tenant are proposing to rebuild the north structure such that the exterior appearance is as close to a replica of the existing structure as possible. Furthermore, the Civic League understands that the structural deficiencies in no way relate to the vast majority of the Shopping Center structure and will require no change to that structure. The Civic League will request that the owner assess the structural integrity of the remainder of the existing structure if that has not already occurred and provide a report of that assessment.

Given that the Shopping Center is a recognized historic landmark, any exterior change requires approval by CHAP. Covenants signed by the owner also necessitate approval by the Civic League and its Architectural Review Committee. A site visit and initial review have occurred and community input is being formulated. The Civic League has already requested that the owner, tenant and architect make every effort possible to copy the form and appearance of the existing deli structure in their proposed plans.

Documents concerning this issue are posted at left.

To expedite its review, the Civic League requests that interested parties send their comments to rpcenter@rolandpark.org no later than 12:00 noon on March 16, 2012. All comments received by that time will be considered by the Land Use Committee and the Architectural Review Committee as they review the issue. We have also offered to the landlord, tenant and architect, the ability to place additional information on the Roland Park web site.
- posted 3/9/2011.


Front as-is signage

Front proposed signage

North Side as-is


North Side proposed


Double doors as-is

Double doors proposed

  As-is and proposed views of front, north side, and double doors.  - posted 8/2/2011.

Proposed North Elevation

Details at North Elevation


  Two drawings showing elevations of the proposed structure from the north side.  - posted 8/1/2011

Signage Overview,

July 2011

Signage Criteria,

July 2011


  The latest information on the proposed new Foreman-Wolfe restaurant will be discussed at the meeting of the Roland Park Civic League, to be held at on Thursday, August 4 at the Roland Park Presbyterian Church from 7-9 PM. At 7:30 PM, architect Vince Green representing restauranteur Tony Foreman, will present the proposed exterior changes related to the new restaurant coming to the Roland Park Shopping Center.  Two files providing proposed standards for signage at the site are posted at left.  We hope to be able to post any additional drawings of the proposed changes that are available prior to the meeting on this web page.  - posted 7/30/2011