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Baltimore's Olmstedian greenways as envisioned in 1903: green, existing parks; tan, proposed parks. (Click to enlarge.)


Photo: Stony Run, period postcard, unknown photographer.


This page serves as a portal for all Roland Park area sustainability and green-space stories or campaigns. And index of current and archived campaigns may be found at the foot of this page. (Take me there now.)

Roland Park is green. Its tree canopy is among the finest in Baltimore and its shady walkways and verdant medians are the envy of many a Baltimorean. This is exactly as the Roland Park Co. and its Olmsted landscapers intended. However, it is nothing to be taken for granted. As documented on the web site' s preservation portal, there have been many near misses with developers in the past. Much of this development would have had a negative impact Roland Park's natural beauty, as well as its historical integrity.



D.P. Munro
Web-site Editor

September 11, 2009

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