Sustainability Initiative Media Hits


On this page, you will find links to various media "hits" on the activities of the Roland Park Civic League Sustainability Committee. This includes published "letters to the editor" sent to local newspapers.

Media Hits

  • "Now we’re getting somewhere!" says the North Baltimore Bike Brigade, Oct. 28, of the Oct. 25 Roland Park ciclovia. The blog emphasizes the community-building role of events such as ciclovias. The blog is here (10/28).
  • The October 28 Baltimore Messenger carried an article about the RP ciclovia, properly describing it as part of "Roland Park's first-ever, three-day festival to promote sustainability." You can read this Larry Perl article here (10/28).
  • "Surreal" and "liberating," says Baltimore Messenger columnist Kathy Hudson, Oct. 28, of the Oct. 25 ciclovia. To see the whole of Hudson's piece, click here (10/28).
  • Writing for the on-line Bmore magazine, Oct. 27, Walaika Haskins says that the Roland Park ciclovia "came off without a hitch" (other than for a couple of cars parked where they should not have been). Read Haskins' article here (10/27).
  • The ciclovia idea is "shockingly good," says Baltimore Style editor Laura Wexler in her Oct. 26 blog. Read what Wexler has to say by clicking here (10/27).
  • Michael Dresser of the Baltimore Sun, Oct. 25, writes that the Sustainability Initiative's ciclovia was a great success, though he takes note of the prohibitive cost — $4,500, most it going to pay police overtime. The pleasing story is here (10/25).
  • Baltimore Messenger editor Larry Perl writes about the RP Sustainability Initiative's "7th generation weekend" in the Oct. 7 edition of that newspaper. "Organizers of the Roland Park festival are hoping to tie it into the [350.org] Day of Action by videotaping portions of the fest and streaming the footage live onto the Web site," says Perl. The story is here (10/10).