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Roland Park Web Site Internet Advertising


People who live in Roland Park and surrounding communities regularly visit our community web site to access a wide variety of information — details on neighborhood events, downloads of project application forms, the latest copy of Roland Park News, etc. Those considering buying a home in Roland Park also look to this valuable information resource, as do the real estate agents who help them.

With all this activity (as many as 17,000 viewers per month, on occasion), the web site is a perfect vehicle to reach a highly targeted audience of buyers of all kinds of goods and services. A demographically desirable group, Roland Park residents and others will use the site to find out about local restaurants and shops. They will log on to connect with skilled craftspeople to help them care for their homes. They will check out the community calendar to plan their weekend activities.

Advertise your business on the Roland Park web site and reach this targeted audience today!

For further details, please e-mail your enquiries to rpcommunication@rolandpark.org.


Value for Money

Will I get my money's worth? Emphatically, the answer is yes! On average, as shown on the graph below, the Roland Park homepage gets about 10,000 hits a month, by anyone's estimation an impressive tally for a neighborhood with 1,100 households. At that rate, a year's worth of homepage banner ad for $1,200 would cost the advertiser about a penny a viewing. That's unbeatable value! The subpages generate somewhat less traffic but are correspondingly lower priced.


RolandPark.org Monthly Homepage Hits

Source: Godaddy.com (hosting service). Click to enlarge.


Ad Placements

All pages are available for ad placement. Placement exclusivity is guaranteed for full-size banners, which is to say that only your banner will be placed at or near the top of any page. In other words, there will not be two or three banner ads piled on top of each other. However, smaller ads are permitted on pages that already have banner ads.

Exclusive main-index-page banner — Full-size (600 by 90 pixels) banner near the top of the main index page of the rolandpark.org web site (a.k.a. the home page). Your banner, just below the community-sections line, has 100 percent visibility and provides a direct link to your web site. Only one full-banner ad is permitted per page. Incumbent ad holders have the right of first refusal on the spot.

Exclusive top-of-other-page banner — Full-size (600 by 90 pixels) banner placed at the top of a section or a subpage of your choice (subject to availability), other than the main index page. Your banner also has a direct link to your web site and has 100 percent visibility. Only one full-banner ad is permitted per page. Incumbent ad holders have the right of first refusal on the spot.

Half-size banner ads — Half-size ads (300 by 90 pixels), with a direct link to your web site, are particularly good value. They are almost as striking as full banners but considerably more affordable. Unlike full banners, however, they are not exclusive, which is to say that more than one can appear on any given page. Half banners can be purchased as multiple 300-pixel-wide boxes to achieve a "stacked" look. Discounts apply. The second box of the stack costs 75 percent of the first and the third costs 75 percent of the second.

The sizes above represent RolandPark.org's standard sizes. If your artwork does not exactly conform to the sizes described here, we can usually resize the ad. If your ad cannot be resized, or if the client does not agree to resizing, your ad will be charged at the rate for the next standard size bigger. For example, a client has a fixed-size ad that is 90 pixels wide and 250 pixels deep. For various reasons the ad cannot be resized. The client is therefore charged for a three-deep stacked side box, which, at 90 pixels wide by 270 pixels deep, is the standard size one up from the actual size of the ad.

In terms of positioning, generally speaking, the closer to the top of the page, the better. For non-exclusive ads — i.e., ads smaller than full banners — placement preference is in terms of ad seniority. That is, the older the ad, the higher on the page it will sit. When an ad expires and is deleted, the hitherto second in seniority moves up to its spot, and the third in seniority moves to the place of the second, and so on. Renewed ads retain their seniority, and thus their position, provided renewal payment is received prior to the expiration of the ad. While RolandPark.org will make a good-faith effort to send out reminders in advance of expiration, it is ultimately the responsibility of the advertiser to keep tabs on expiration dates. Ads renewed after their expiration will lose their seniority and be repositioned accordingly.


Full size (600 by 90 pixels)


Half size (300 by 90 pixels)




Rate Structure

All rates are subject to change without notice; however, rates are protected for the length of the contract established. 


  Monthly Quarterly Annually
Main index page, full-size banner
Main index page, half-size banner
Top of other page, full size
Top of other page, half size
Not available


Ads are subject to space availability, size restrictions, download times. Final approval is at the sole discretion of the web-site editor.


Next Steps

1. Please e-mail rpcommunication@rolandpark.org with the following information:

2. If you decide to go ahead, you will be asked to send completed artwork to rpcommunication@rolandpark.org and payment to: RolandPark.org, c/o Roland Park Office, 5115B Roland Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21210. Checks should be made payable to the Roland Park Civic League.

3. Art should be submitted as a GIF or JPEG, preferably at 72 ppi (pixels per inch), to rpcommunication@rolandpark.org. Indicate ROLAND PARK WEB AD in subject line. If you do not have in-house resources to create the art work, you can contact Design Concept (descon@designconcept.com) to get a cost for their services. Rates are very reasonable. RolandPark.org cannot do artwork, we regret.

3. You are requested to indicate a start and stop date. If we cannot exactly meet your request (due to previous ad or content commitments), we will use our best judgment to get as close as possible to your request (e.g., slightly different duration or placement) but will confirm with you before running.

4. We would prefer to have seven days from receipt of your contract to your intended start date. If time is shorter, we will do our best to meet your request.