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Name: Roland Park Beautification: Landscapes, Infrastructure and Gardens.

Purpose: To be a clearinghouse for beautification efforts in Roland Park by educating, initiating and stimulating beautification efforts of all varieties in the maintenance of community islands, paths, medians, gardens, and in infrastructure such as lighting, signage, lanes and curbing in ways that maintain the character of Roland Park while celebrating the diversity of beauty.

What we are and are not: Our mission is focused on community landscapes, infrastructure and gardens and related community initiated events and activities, generated by the community for the community. We are not a regulatory entity for Roland Park. We are partners with Roads & Maintenance and shall complement their mission and services.

When we meet: October, December, February, April, June or as needed. Anyone can sign up to be an active on the RP Beautification Committee or can volunteer for a specific project or can volunteer a specific talent or interest. All are welcome on planting and maintenance projects! Children too!

General Activities:

  • Encourage enjoyment and civic engagement in maintaining Roland Park’s islands, paths and lanes.

  • Educate residents via events and the web site and the RP newsletter (Roland Park News).

  • Advocate and work with the city and the Department of Public Works for services.

  • Provide communication for beautification wish lists in the RP newsletter and on the RP web site, and be responsive to various plats’ needs.

  • Provide a speaker series of experts and residents from other neighborhoods working on beautification efforts.

  • Create and implement a how-to mechanism for residents who are interested in beatifying an area in Roland Park and provide guidance and resources for them to do so.

  • Be a think-tank of creative ideas to solve problems of faulty, deteriorating or nonexistent infrastructure and encroachment upon green or open community spaces.

  • Encourage residents to adopt an island or path.

  • Provide guidelines for adopting an island or path that encourage volunteerism and enjoyment.

  • Sponsor more path walks.

  • Encourage stewardship for taking care of our own property, community property and helping others.

  • Sponsor lane clean-up days.

  • Hope that all events are enjoyable!

                                                        Louise Phipps Senft

                                                        Chairperson, Roland Park Beautification

To communicate an issue concerning beautification in Roland Park, send an e-mail to Beautification@rolandpark.org.




Click images at left to enlarge. Photos are of the Beautification Committee's launch event, Oct. 26, 2008. Photos by Louise Phipps Senft.



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    Beautification Committee Meeting Minutes    

Minutes, Oct. 10, 2008.

Minutes, Oct.16, 2008.

Minutes, Mar. 23, 2009.

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