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Civic League Bylaws and Roland Park Covenants

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The bylaws are the overriding governance document of the Roland Park Civic League. Residents are encouraged to read this document to better understand the Civic League organization and the good reasons for your joining the Civic League. 

Depending on which plat you live in, there are covenant documents relevant to your area. The covenants are administered and enforced by the Roland Park Roads and Maintenance Corporation (R&M). It is very important for community residents to place their homes under covenant in order to help preserve the character and charm of the community.


Plat 1

Plat 5 City

Plat 2

Plat 5 County

Plat 3

Plat 6

Plat 4

General covenant guide


If you are not sure which plat you live in, click here for a full plat map.