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Crime & Safety

Taking Precautions

While Roland Park is generally considered a safe place to live, work and play, it is not entirely immune from the problems of the modern world. Violent crime is unusual in Roland Park, but nuisance crime is not unheard of. Please exercise common sense.


  • Do lock doors and windows when you go out.
  • Do cut back hedges and shrubs near your first-floor windows.
  • Do leave your porch light on at night.
  • Do have your mail held for you at the post office while you are on vacation.
  • Do have the newspaper company halt delivery while you are away.
  • Do have an anti-theft device in your car.
  • Do lock your car doors, day and night.
  • Do lock your shed and garage.
  • Do consider jogging/walking with a companion, if you are a late-night jogger or dog walker.


  • Don't leave valuables on your porch or deck.
  • Don't leave valuables on first-floor window sills or tables immediately under windows in your house.
  • Don't permit the postal service or delivery services to leave packages on your porch if no one is in to sign for them.
  • Don't take a wallet with you if you go jogging or walking after dark, if you must go alone.
  • Don't let small children play for long out of your eyesight or earshot.

For other safety tips, visit the "your community" section of the Baltimore City Police Department's web site: http://www.baltimorepolice.org.



RolandPark.org does not have the staff for a crime-reporting function, which, if done responsibly, entails checking neighbor-reported crime against police reports — a time-consuming exercise defying the quick-turnaround purpose of crime updates. Area residents may, however, report crime experiences by writing a "letter to the editor" at rpcommunication@rolandpark.org. E-mails must be signed and a phone number and address provided (though these two last will not be reprinted). Letters must be in good taste and full details of the incident must be provided. The e-mail must be penned by the person that experienced the crime or an immediate household member. Anonymous e-mails will not be reprinted. The editor reserves the right to reject any crime letter for failing to adhere to the criteria above or for any other reason at his sole discretion.



For information on ways you can get involved and help, visit the subpage of the Civic League's Crime & Public Safety Committee by clicking here.



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Crime Maps

For a regularly updated interactive map showing types of crime in Roland Park, and the place of the commission of each crime, click here or on the map below.

Alternatively, you may view the Baltimore Police Department's local crime map by clicking here or on the map below.

For an interactive map showing crime at the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus and environs, click here or on the map below.

The linked maps are not part of the RolandPark.org web site, and the Roland Park participating organizations cannot vouch for their accuracy or their timeliness, and accept no responsibility for same.

If you like the Roland Park and Hopkins campus crime maps, you may sign up for free e-mailed crime alerts from the same provider. The sign-up box is in the top right corner of the web page for each.