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Donate to the Roland Park Community Foundation now via Paypal.  See the Open Space page for more details on options for donating including donation of securities.


Who Are We?

The Roland Park Community Foundation seeks to preserve and enhance the character of the community with an emphasis on parks, open space and public areas.

The Community Foundation was established in 1987 as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The RPCF raises money for projects in our community that benefit present and future generations of residents. The foundation works closely with the Roland Park Civic League and the Roland Park Roads & Maintenance Corporation.

Historical RPCF projects include the plantings and maintenance of the median down the center of Roland Avenue, the refurbishment of the Roland Park fire station, and the restoration of the Roland Park library. In spring 2012, the RPCF contributed in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Trust and The Associated (Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore) to reclaim and return to the Stony Run Trail 17 parking spots formerly part of the overflow lot at the Bolton Street Synagogue.

A current (2012) foundation project is the Open Space Campaign, a component of the Roland Park Master Plan focusing on the raising of funds for the purchase of the Baltimore Country Club's surplus land, for restoration of the Roland Water Tower, and for improvements along Stony Run.

As a service to our community, the foundation also publishes a quarterly newsletter titled Roland Park News.

The members of the Community Foundation board of directors are residents of Roland Park, with representation from one or more of the surrounding neighborhoods. If you are interested in serving on the board, please send us an e-mail to CommunityFoundation@rolandpark.org.


Mailing Address

Roland Park Community Foundation

P.O. Box 16214

Baltimore, MD 21210

Tel.: (410) 464-2533





How Do We Raise Money?

The foundation has three ways of raising money. We:

1. Mail an annual appeal to residents in, and friends of, Roland Park.

2. Host an annual Spring Celebration fund-raising cocktail party.

3. Accept donations from deferred giving.

The funds from these efforts are dispersed for current projects or added to the endowment.


Why Do We Need an Endowment?

Roland Park is an example of early suburban community planning. A number of features of our neighborhood — the paths, for example — are almost unique and will need substantial investment of capital at some point in the future to preserve them.

Unfortunately, the features that make our neighborhood desirable to us as residents also make it vulnerable to development. An endowment allows the neighborhood to respond to development threats by outright purchase, or purchase of development rights or rights of first refusal, and would pay for legal support to enforce existing zoning. A number of your neighbors with developable lots have generously donated the development rights or the land itself to the foundation.


Where Does the Foundation Spend the Money it Raises?

The foundation’s charge is to support the infrastructure of the neighborhood, particularly in preserving open space and community areas. Usually, grants are made to pay for the start-up costs of various neighborhood improvements suggested by the Civic League or Roads & Maintenance. 


Does the Foundation Make Grants only to Civic League and Roads & Maintenance Projects?

No. Since 2000, we have also supported the renovation of the Roland Park library and provided the Roland Park Elementary/Middle School with funds for improvements. Sometimes, the foundation develops projects of its own, such as streetscape improvements on Roland Avenue.

Page last updated Nov. 5, 2012

D.P. Munro