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A passing glance at neighboring Baltimore streets and communities can be a striking reminder of the effort needed to maintain the special and beautiful appearance of Roland Park. To assist residents in achieving this, Roads and Maintenance coordinates with both private contractors and many Baltimore City agencies to maximize every available service. Ultimately, our success depends upon the participation and cooperation of each and every one of us!

Updated services and seasonal information can be found in each edition of Roland Park News, which is mailed directly to each residence. The Roads and Maintenance page on the Roland Park web site, www.rolandpark.org, will also have up-to-date information. For dumpster dates and locations please sign up to the Roland Park website e-letter. For further community information or assistance, please contact the Roland Park Roads and Maintenance office at 410-464-2525.


City Trash, Recycling, Bulk Trash and Other City Services  

On Tuesday, July 14, 2009 the city introduced its first major trash-collection overhaul in decades, called One Plus One. Instead of the old system of twice-weekly trash removal plus recycling every second week, the new system entails one trash removal per week and one recyclables removal per week (the latter on a different day from the former). The schedule varies by city sector and a map is shown below. Roland Park's days are as follows:

1. If you live east of Roland Avenue and/or south of Cold Spring Lane:

• Trash, Tuesdays.

• Recyclables, Thursdays.

This applies to Roland Park Plats 1 (most), 4, 5 City and 5 County, along with our neighbors Evergreen, Keswick, Tuxedo Park, Embla Park and Roland Springs.

2. If you live west of Roland Avenue and north of Cold Spring Lane:

• Trash, Wednesdays.

• Recyclables, Fridays.

This applies to Roland Park Plats 2, 3 and 6, along with the sliver of Plat 1 that stretches along the west side of Roland Avenue.

Regular trash disposal is limited to 96 gallons per pick up (3 regular, round trash cans). Recyclables disposal is unlimited. Residents are not required to use the yellow, city-issued recyclables cans, but whatever container is used should be clearly marked "recyclables."

This plan supersedes the old recycling pick-up schedule, which was second and fourth Wednesdays.

As of the end of May 2010, the city dropped its popular bulk-trash pick-up program.  Until the program is reinstated, residents must drop off their own bulk trash at any of the city's designated drop-off points.

A list of the drop-off locations is here.


Dumpster Pick Up

Baltimore City sometimes places a dumpster in our community. This is for the use of Roland Park residents only and not for contractors (call 311 to report illegal dumping). Items placed should not include hazardous materials, household appliances, tires or rims. The schedule of dumpster dates and locations is published as applicable in Roland Park News and on this web site's community calendar. As applicable, it will also be mentioned in RolandPark.org's periodic e-newsletter (click here to subscribe).



Roland Park Organic Debris Removal

For those who have paid their Civic League dues and their full maintenance fees, an organic debris removal program is available.

Roland Park organic debris collection is planned for the months of March, April, May, June, July, September, October and November and will be collected during the first two weeks of the month.

Submit your request for pickup online (visit the rolandpark.org home page) by the end of the month before. On the form you will indicate where you are placing your debris. If you cannot submit online, you can request pickup by calling the Roland Park office.

Each household is limited to a monthly pick-up of 2 cubic yards (roughly the size filling the flat bed of a pickup truck).

If you wish to place more than this, you can but, you will be required to pay a nominal rate of $40 per each additional 2 cubic yards exceeding the allowance.

In order to stay within the maintenance budget, pick-up is limited to the 7 months when residents most need the service

Debris must be in place by the first of the month. Piles that are created after pick-up has occurred will not be removed until the following month (an ongoing eyesore for everyone).

Piles intermingled with non-accepted materials will not be picked up (e.g., logs, stumps, fence posts, metal, etc).

In order for us to correct service errors, we need to know about them in a timely manner. And, thanks for being reasonable and polite when calling us!

Organic debris, when properly bagged, will always be picked up by the City on regular trash days.



Roland Park Roads & Maintenance Corp.   
5115B Roland Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21210

Tel.: (410) 464-2525




Click a map to enlarge. Roland Park is in the upper blue section bisected by the split between the two maps. Our collection days are (a) Tuesdays for trash and Thursdays for recyclables, for areas east of Roland Avenue and/or south of Cold Spring Lane, and (b) Wednesdays for trash and Fridays for recyclables, for areas west of Roland Avenue and north of Cold Spring Lane.