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Roland Park Footpaths & Plat Maps


One of the distinctive features of the Roland Park landscape is the set of footpaths that connect streets throughout the district.  The paths provide a beatiful diversion for a short walk, or can link up a longer hike across our neighborhood.  A map showing the location of the paths and street islands can be found here.

An explanation of Roland Park's plats can be found here on the Frequently Asked Questions page. The map immediately below, available in either PDF or JPEG format, shows each plat highlighted in a separate color. Readers should be aware that these on-line maps are not definitive. In particular, the boundaries shown for Plat 4 are slightly off. Plat 4 is in fact slightly smaller than portrayed here. For a definitive map in hard copy, please contact the Roads & Maintenance Corporation's board here.


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You can click here to view Plat Map in PDF format.



It's also available in JPEG format here.


  A definitive overall boundary map is shown below (click to enlarge), along with a boundary map for Roland Park's sister community of Guilford, developed by the Roland Park Company as its second project. These maps are U.S. National Park Service maps, and they exist because both Roland Park and Guilford are registered historic districts.

Roland Park


Source: Maryland Historical Society, "National Register of Historic Places: District Boundaries" (http://www. marylandhistoricaltrust.net/nr/NRHDStateMap.html).