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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Civic League, Roads and Maintenance, and the Community Foundation?

In general terms:

  • Civic League (est. 1895) — oversees governmental affairs, zoning, crime and traffic issues.
  • Roads and Maintenance (est. 1909) — watches over design and building in Roland Park and the quality of lanes (alleys) and paths.
  • Community Foundation (est. 1987) — raises money for projects in our community that benefit present and future generations of residents.


Which plat do I live in? 

Click here to view a PDF of plat map.


What are the plats?

The plats are the tracts of land assembled by the Roland Park company upon which to develop the neighborhood, starting in 1891. The neighborhood was developed over the course of some 30 years. The first tract assembled by the company and developed was named Plat 1; the second, Plat 2, etc.


Why is Plat 5 divided into "city" and "county" portions? Don't we all live in the city?

When development started in Roland Park, the city line did not extend as far northward as it currently does. Plats 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 were entirely within Baltimore County at the time. However, the company's southernmost plat, Plat 5, lay partly in the county and partly in the city. The city annexed large areas of land in 1918, with its northern boundary moving at that time to its present location. At that point, Roland Park — hitherto primarily a county neighborhood — became entirely a city neighborhood.



Letters to the Editor

Have a problem? Have a solution?

Are you experiencing a problem and want to ask if others have a solution? Join the Roland Park Community ListServ at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/roland-park-neighborhood-listserv and select “apply for membership.” It gives you various options for how you want to receive the posts. In the text box, please include your name and address for the manager’s review.

The Listserve serves as a vehicle to share information and ideas as well as recent crime and suspicious activity. Community members will be approved and can then begin to post and read postings.

Got views on this web site or an e-letter?

Like something you saw on the web site? Disagree with something you read in an e-letter? Submit your comments to rpcommunication@rolandpark.org. Unless explicitly stated to be private, all comments sent to rpcommunication@rolandpark.org will be assumed to be intended for answering in the FAQ or in an e-letter, and, at the editor's discretion, will be. To be sure there is no misunderstanding, if your e-mail (a) has something to do with issues raised in an e-letter or on this web site and (b) is not explicitly stated to be private, it will be considered publishable by the editor. We regret that we may be unable to respond individually to communications from you to us about the web site or e-letters if not intended for publication. Anonymous letters will not be reprinted.