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Roland Park Library:

Renovated and Reopened


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On the morning of Saturday, January 19th, 2008, hundreds of people braved the cold to attend the dedication ceremony for the newly renovated Roland Park Library.

Wrapped in red scarves given out by the Enoch Pratt Free Library (EPFL), attendees enjoyed performances by the Semiquavers of Roland Park Country School (RPCS) and the Roland Park Elementary School Chorus.

After speeches by Patricia Costello, the EPFL’s chief of neighborhood services (who stood in for the injured Dr. Carla Hayden, EPFL executive director), David Blumberg, president of the Roland Park Library Initiative (RPLI), and Mayor Sheila Dixon, Trumpet Fanfare was performed by Miriam Goldstein, a student at neighboring RPCS.

Then the ribbon was cut and the doors of our library were opened to an enthusiastic crowd.

For some, this was their first look at the new space, with its impressive features, including:

   • 9,500 square feet, more than double its previous size.

   • Outdoor plaza and terrace.

   • Quiet study room.

   • 12 computers for public use.

   • Special teens' and children's areas.

The space also boasts stunning etched glass panes, Tabula Rasa, by glass artist Dan Herman (see RPN’s winter 2006 issue for more information) and prints by watercolorist Shirley Albert.

If you have questions concerning the RP library, you can send them to visit the branch's web page, http://www.prattlibrary.org/locations/rolandpark/.

Information concerning other Baltimore library facilities can be found at http://www.prattlibrary.org/.


January 19: The ribbon is cut! From left, Sandy Gohn, Sheila Dixon (mayor), David Blumberg (president, Roland Park Library Initiative), Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (City Council president), and Samuel I. "Sandy" Rosenberg (state delegate, District 41).


January 19: Down to business. A thrilled reader makes herself at home in

the new children's room in the renovated library.


January 19: Putting the library to good use. Roland Park Community Foundation President Ken Rice with daughter Caroline in the children's room.


The Finished Product


The new facade with addition at right.                                    The addition, with the occulus to the right.

Compare to first of the series of photos

in the column to the right.


The reading room, with restored vaulted ceiling.


The reading room, looking east. This is the old

library entrance.


The addition, upper floor, looking north toward the

Quiet Room.


The south facade, with new extension at rear visible.


The Renovation Process


Early May 2006: Library prior to expansion.


Model shows extensive redesign and expansion of the library.


May 30, 2006: Dust flies with north wing demolition.

June 6: The front steps are gone.

July 13: Surveying the excavation site.

July 13: Retaining wall in place.

August 22: North side, the walls are going up.

August 22: Opening in north wall to connect with new addition.

August 30: Dust flies as brick is cut.

August 30: Special traffic enforcement officer helps children cross safely near construction site.

September 21: Circular staircase rises higher.


September 28: Steel beams arrive.

September 28: Steel beam bolted into position.

October 22: Steel framing for occulus above the children's reading area.

November 3: From inside looking out through occulus.

November 3: Block walls of upper level form rear corner.

January 23, 2007: Roof trusses in place.

January 26: Vaulted ceiling in main reading room exposed for first time since installation of drop-ceiling in 1960s.

January 26: Children's reading steps with occulus framing above.

January 26: Duct work on lower level.